Arnie has a background in fine art with a BFA in Studio Art (metalsmithing, sculpture and photography) from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and MFA in Studio Art (sculpture) from The University of Wisconsin: Madison. Early art making and an interest in process, fabrication and 3D modeling led him to work as a designer at Drift Studio in Mount Horeb Wisconsin while teaching Sculpture at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Fate, and a job opportunity for his longtime spouse, Dr. Crystle Martin, PhD, found him in Southern California where in 2012 he started making public art and freelancing as a designer. His passion for problem-solving, making, and design led him to take a position at ArtCenter College of Design in 2014 where he is now an Assistant Professor of Product Design.

His teaching includes prototyping process and making foundations, introduction to product design, digital electronics, and graduate professional and exhibition studios. Arnie often writes short bios in the third person and then wonders if it is weird to do that…

This is a time printer. It prints time. Take that, unfathomable dimension.